Rim Shock

An original auxiliary percussion product for the drum kit that will give a new sonic element to any drummer's playing

The Rim Shock is made of genuine B20 cymbal bronze. It is cut into an elegant crescent moon shape that allows its sound to project to its fullest. It is attached to the drum by two clamps that attach to the rim. It comes in 3 models: open, dry, and dry with a limited addition natural patina finish.

Rim Shock (open) produces a lively sizzling sound that cuts through the music all without being overbearing. Its crunchy sound and responsive feel is extremely versatile and can be applied to many music genres.

Rim Shock (dry) tends to be quieter than the open model. It has a partial second layer of bronze that gives it a short and quick attack and a sound that is easily controllable.

Rim Shock (dry w/ limited addition natural patina finish) has the same sonic elements as the standard dry version. Like lost treasures that are found at the bottom of the ocean, its look comes direct from the natural aging process caused by the bronze being in the water of the Atlantic right here on the shore.